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Palanpur and Deesa are hub for Healthcare for Banaskantha and Southern Districts of Rajasthan though there is no modern hospital with all facilities under one roof. For specialist care, patients have to move to Ahmedabad. Rates of private Hospitals are unaffordable to larger section of society. Quality of care (Infection Control, Hygiene, and Comfort) is compromised.

Mavjat Hospital

"Where Compassion Meets Expertise : Healing Lives, Every Speciality, Every Day."

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Empowering Wellness Across Every Speciality: Our Hospital Pioneers Compassionate Care and Expertise, Elevating Lives in Every Department.

"Choosing Care, Choosing Life : Your Wellness, Our Priority at Mavjat Hospital"

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Diseases are many, treatments are few. It is thus advisable to get an early detection of diseases in order to know the symptoms and to treat them in time.

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